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Ryan Mosley is the CEO at ICS. Ryan has been in the commercial real estate and finance space for over 20 years, closing more than 750 commercial and investment real estate transactions since 1999, and leads the ICS investment origination team, including 500+ independent and team Advisors nationwide. Ryan created the proprietary ICS Funding Platform and ICS OPO, designed to electronically underwrite and package commercial and investment debt and equity investments which are  distributed to our network of accredited investors.

Yasmeen Mosley is the Chief Data Officer at ICS. Yasmeen has over a decade of experience in data analytics, bringing a broad spectrum of analytical insight and expertise to our growing firm. She has helped our organization stand out as a technology-driven commercial mortgage lending company and industry leader.

Erin Drake is a Senior Team Loan Advisor at ICS, overseeing ICS Advisor and Independent Broker loan origination and leads our Commercial Loan Advisor recruiting program. Erin has over a decade of experience in the finance sector, bringing the highest level of Best in Class service to our company and our expansive commercial and investment client base. Erin specializes in hotel and income property financing.

Selina Gaitan leads the Client Support Team at ICS, overseeing all broker and borrower service correspondence. Selina has been in management operations for over 10 years, bringing an abundance of knowledge and expertise to the ICS Client Support division. Selina's Support Team is the first point of contact at ICS for over 500 active Origination Partners and nationwide real estate investors.